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Summer Camps

Summer Camps for young innovators! Come play, experiment, and explore concepts in programing, video game design and robotics! Our 5 half-day camps combines technology with well balanced, fun summer camp activities. Knowledgeable, adult-only instructors guide youth through tailored curriculum. Kick-start your future in tech this summer!

Fall Session

Inspiration and Innovation is the focus of our multi-week sessions! We offer computer science and coding classes for kids and teens, as well as robotics courses, and game design classes. Learn from a staff that's passionate about computer science, in small classes with a maximum of 8 students per instructor. Guaranteed.


Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Every era demands—and rewards—different skills. In different times and different places, we have taught our children to grow vegetables, build a house, write a story or shoot hoops. Now we are teaching them to code too. We are teaching STEM to help our kids craft their future.

You've never seen a Summer Camp like this before!

Room Scale Virtual Reality with HTC Vive!

Paint in 3D. Create machines in space. Throw a stapler at your boss!
Vive swept away CES 2016, winning awards in virtually every category- gaming, entertainment, new tech and more! Tech insiders and first timers alike are building worldwide buzz about vive. Discover for yourself what all the hype is about!

Explore the most advanced Virtual Reality available at sunlit creative summer camps.

Summer Camps above The City Of Spruce Grove

Soar to new hights with the DJI inspire 1

With this drone, campers will wear FPV(fist person view) goggles to see through and control the 4k camera mounted under the drone and see what the City looks like from the sky more that 350 feet up!!

Explore the most advanced Drone Technology available at sunlit creative summer camps.

STEM Summer Camps Have Touched Down In Spruce Grove!

Sunlit Creative offers up 8 weeks of innovation and creativity! Our custom curriculum is full of exciting tech to inspire your child long after summer ends.
Make friends, build computers, program robots, and make a video game!


We’re a passionate, independent company comprised of innovators who refuse to accept the conventional definition of education. And we’re just getting started!

8 students per instructor, guaranteed. It’s a crazy concept, and something that is logistically incredible, but we do it. Our teaching philosophy is premised on personalization—your path, at your pace. Knowledgeable, adult-only instructors guide you through our tailored curriculum. We focus on quality technology education. We want small class sizes to maximize personalized, one-on-one instruction. Our immersive STEM camps and sessions help foster creativity and hands-on learning. Quality is the name of the game!

Our entire staff is comprised of adults ages 18 and over. We are family owned and operated with a passion for technology and education. We ascribe to the 4 C’s of 21st Century Education: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking. We engage young people in work that is meaningful to them. We provide parents with an outstanding service and provide kids and teens with an experience that will continue to benefit them long after their course is finished.

We use professional grade tech to inspire the youth of Spruce Grove. There’s no better place to learn engineering principles, spatial reasoning, programming concepts, and problem solving skills than at Sunlit Creative. Students will explore a diverse collection of both high-tech and low-tech gadgets and leading tech toys such as Raspberry Pi, Vex Robots, Little Bits, Sphero, Google Cardboard and software like Hour Of Code, Kano, Stencyl and Minecraft.

Learn To Code This Summer

Every Sunlit Creative program combines creativity with technology, teaching a wide variety of both creative and practical skills. We turn students into inventors, giving them the confidence and skills necessary to excel in all aspects of their lives.

Going from simply interacting with technology to CREATING TECHNOLOGY

Sunlit CreativeSummer Camp gives youth the opportunity to create with technology through a series of exciting and innovative summer camps, and year round sessions.

We give young people the tools they need to take charge of technology and make amazing things with it. Students learn to code, build computers, create video games and robots.

The courses take a hands-on approach, encouraging critical thinking and collaboration under the expert guidance of specialist tutors. Students will come away from camp with good memories, new friends, original projects and an informed passion for tech that they can use in their everyday lives.

Ready To Have Fun This Summer?!

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